What I’ve Noted About Texas


Well, I’m an official Texas resident!  My apartment is about 90% unpacked and organized, and once I feel like it’s worthy of showing off, I’ll do a post to show you guys around.

It’s been a difficult past week to say the least – every possible thing that could go wrong basically did, from my apartment to my car, and being completely on my own with no support system whatsoever isn’t easy on any level.  But I’m definitely trying to stay positive and I know it can only get better from here.

After one week in Texas, here’s a few things I’ve noted about living here:

You need to drive literally everywhere.

There are a ton of amazing malls and shopping centers in the area.


It’s freaking HOT.

Capture weather

99% of the people I’ve met and talked to here are incredibly nice and helpful.

A GPS is a requirement.


Construction is a bitch.

There are a million places to eat out and I want to try them all.

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