Lunch of the Week


This weekend the weather was gorgeous and since my friend Katie is new to Madison, I decided to show her Monroe Street on Saturday!

First up was lunch at Barriques!

I’ve been there for tea, but actually never ordered a meal off their menu!

I picked the Blueberry Jubilee Salad with an iced soy latte and Katie had The Mediterranean Experience Salad with iced tea.



Blueberry Jubilee Salad – Mixed baby greens, toasted walnuts, granny smith apples and Salemville Blue Cheese kissed w/ blueberry vinaigrette.

The Mediterranean Experience – Barriques roasted red pepper hummus, nicoise olive tapenade, marinated artichoke, odyssey feta cheese, red pepper, roma tomato, mixed greens and pita bread.

This was honestly one of the best salads I’ve ever had.  Everything right down to the dressing was fantastic!  Katie said hers was really good as well.

After lunch we hit up Lululemon and Trader Joe’s.  Neither of us bought anything at Lululemon, but Katie did her grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and I picked up this:


I’m sort of obsessed with this granola cereal.

It was definitely a fun way to spend my Saturday and a highlight of the weekend!  I can’t wait to get back to Barriques and try something else of their menu!

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