My New Gym


One of the major drawbacks to my new apartment complex is the fitness center.

When touring the complex, I was shown a small gym with the basic two treadmills, two ellipticals, and one stationary bike that would do the trick for my workouts.  Having such a fitness center was one of the top requirements on my list when searching for an apartment.  However, my second day of living here I went to the gym only to discover that the ellipticals are both extremely cheap and not working correctly, the bike doesn’t even turn on, and the treadmill belts are not functioning.  Needless to say, I felt somewhat scammed and deceived by what I was originally told and shown.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much I could do about the situation, so I sucked it up and bought a membership at a nearby LA Fitness.

Honestly, this was such a good decision.  This gym is freaking amazing!





Free Weights,




Racquet Ball Courts and Cafe,


Group Fitness Room, Separate Spin Room, and Basketball Courts.

In short, it’s a fitness heaven.

I’ve already worked out there twice and loved it, and tomorrow morning I’m doing a free personal training session that’s included in my membership!  It should be fun and definitely interesting!

The membership is well-priced for everything I’m getting from it, and even though it wasn’t in my original budget, I have a feeling I’m going to make it worth every penny I spend.

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