The Art of Juicing


Lately I’ve been getting into juicing.  With Paleo focusing on real foods and eating copious amounts of fruits and veggies, juicing has become a fast, simple, and delicious way for me to get more servings into my everyday diet.

Yesterday I stumbled on this article – Why Juicing Works: A Cardiologist Explains.

I’ll admit that I was somewhat skeptical about how much nutrition we actually consume when juicing after all of the “meat” of the fruits and vegetables gets discarded. Does the juice really contain all of the vitamins and minerals that the original produce had?  Does the body really absorb the vitamins and minerals faster through juice? I’m also never a fan of drinking your calories (this goes for alcohol or juice), so it was really interesting to get this perspective on how beneficial juicing really is for the body.

The article confirmed that you’re still getting immense amounts of nutrients through the juice, and it truly just helps to get you at or above the minimum recommended servings of fruits and vegetables per day.  While I don’t see myself ever doing a juice cleanse, I think juicing is a great way to get in additional servings of fruits and vegetables every day and benefit from consuming wholesome, nutrient-dense foods.

Getting back to my own juicing adventures…

My birthday present from my parents this year was a Koolatron Total Chef Juicin’ Power Juicer.

Koolatron Total Chef Juicin’ Power Juicer – Stainless Steel (KMJ01)

Frankly, I love this thing. Yes, I did have to read the directions the first time to set it up and understand how it all works, but 10 minutes later I was juicer like a pro!  I was surprised how simple juicing really is and how fun it is to experiment with different combinations of fruits and vegetables, and even adding in the occasional mint or ginger to the mix!


I highly recommend trying out juicing for yourself.  It’s been so much fun for me, and I love knowing that I’m keeping my health in check by doing it.  Plus it’s a quick, refreshing drink for the summer!

Do you use a juicer or tried juicing on your own?

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